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  • Störgeräusche? ?(

    Merkwürdig... Vielleicht die Internetverbindung? Auch im 32kbps Stream? Versuch das doch mal... :yes:

    Auf jeden Fall spitzen Tipp Armas, kannte ich noch nicht die Seite. Morgen um 15 Uhr wiederholen die da Armin's Episode 117, die soll ja richtig gut kommen! Wollen wir mal sehen. Ich schneide sie auf jeden Fall mit, lohnt sich bestimmt. Der 116er ist auch die Wucht, schaut euch mal die Playlist auf seiner Seite an.

    Bis danni, Christian

  • ETS Global is a Trance / Dance liveset only internet radio station bringing you the best recorded livesets and live DJs from around the world! Always adding Featuring livesets by: Armin van Buuren, Blank & Jones, Vicky Devine, Sophie Sugar, Ferry Corsten, Suzy Solar, Talla, Cor Fijneman, John 00 Fleming, Paul Van Dyk, Marco V, Amir Hamami, Oakenfold, Tillman Uhrmacher, Above & Beyond, Robert Smit, RobVox and MANY more!
    Watch the events calendar for special events!

    Starting May 12th, 2004


    GREENWAVE presents to you guys.............


    Show starts@ 1pm Eastern Time - ends @ 2pm . The show will start right before Suzy Solar & the AirBase show.

    We will be bringing you the freshest & latest in Electronic Music\TRANCE. Upcoming releases and several unreleased from several big producers from all over the WORLD & several of our unreleased material as well from the following:


    For more info please email:

  • Thanks to all the listeners who tuned in today to check out

    Matt Darey on Trance Destiny -

    Our Next DJ Guest

    Time Slots:

    GREENWAVE 11:00pm- 12:00pm

    ADAM SHERIDAN 12:00pm-1:00pm

    ADAM SHERIDAN Purple Eye Recordings



    Introducing ADAM SHERIDAN!

    Having only just turned the ripe age of 21 years old, Adam’s DJing consists of a unique and fresh Trance/Techno sound that has caught the attention of the legendary PAUL VAN DYK, original trance master FERRY CORSTEN & superstar DJ EDDIE HALLIWELL who all named him as their “BEST UNDISCOVERED DJ in the recent WORLD DJ MAG POLL 2003. Which other young DJ has received such commendation from their peers?

    2004 has seen Adam become the youngest ever DJ to mix a Radio 1 ESSENTIAL MIX (Jan 04) and has been requested by PAUL VAN DYK to play with him at his first ever UK Vandit Party @ Gatecrasher London.

    Adam has also been signed by FERRY CORSTEN’S record label - Purple Eye Entertainment’ in Holland. His debut release LEKTRIK has blown away dance floors and charts across Europe, with his next releases to follow imminently!

    Adam's unique style of three deck mixing and crossing genres from trance to techno has left crowds in awe. His continuous ability to attract the attention of clubbers proves the quality of his own production and passion for the music he plays!

    Alongside his long standing residency at Goodgreef in Manchester and Tall Trees (the UK's largest venue), Adam regularly plays at Gatecrasher, Godskitchen, Turnmills at the Gallery, Inside Out, Slinky, Passion, Garlands, Promise and Serious tours.

    This year Adam will also perform in the Cream/Goodgreef Main Arena at the renowned Creamfields Festival. Not forgetting International commitments at Cream Ibiza in the legendary Amnesia, further dates at Judgement Sunday in Ibiza and tours in Corfu, Cyprus, Greece and Egypt. Look out for an up and coming guest mix on JUDGE JULES' World-Wide Radio show.
    With only a few dates remaining in his diary for 2004 Adam Sheridan is now proving to be Britain's newest Future Superstar DJ!

    Links for you guys i know we have several peeps also out of dallas checking this forum

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    Intl. #2 - West USA-East AU-Internode

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    East AU-Internode



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  • Matt Darey (UK)Sept. 1st Live "TranceDestiny" Ep16!! This will be Matts 2nd time on our show , he has a new mix for us ...

    Matt DareyMatt Darey

    Region: London, UK

    Thanks to all the listeners who tuned in every weds. to check out "TRANCE DESTINY"

    Time Slots: Morning - Afternoon

    GREENWAVE 11:00pm- 12:00pm
    Matt Darey 12:00pm-1:00pm

    Matt Darey DJ Biography :

    Matt Darey& Marcella Woods - Beautiful (u.k top 10)
    ATB - Till I come (u.k Number 1)
    Matt Darey Pres Mash up - Liberation(Fly Like an Angel) (U.k top20)
    Matt Darey Pres DSP - From Russia With Love (u.k top 30)
    Binary Finary - 1998 (u.k top 20)
    Three Drives - Grease 2000 (u.k top 20)
    Westbam - Wizzards of the Sonic (u.k top 30)
    Grace - Not Over yet (u.k top 20)
    Lost Tribe aka Matt Darey - GameMaster/Angel (u.k top 20)
    Gabriel - Rise "remix" (U.k number 1)

    Matt Darey feat Marcella Woods - Voice of an AngelEP - Incentive
    Matt Darey - Nocturnal Delight - Incentive
    Lost Tribe - Gamemaster 2003 - Liquid asset
    Tekara - Wanna be an Angel - Platipus
    Li Kwan aka Matt Darey - Point Zero 2004 - Mash up Tunes/Liquid Assett
    Lost Tribe - Possessed - Mash Up Tunes

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    East AU-Internode


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  • Hi all

    This week we have Niklas Harding as our guest on TRANCE DESTINY.

    GREENWAVE 11:00pm- 12:00pm
    NIKLAS HARDING 12:00pm-1:00pm

    His interest for electronical music was prompted by the "Magik" album series. DJ Tiësto showed all the beauty inside the music with those releases, and Niklas became addicted on the spot!. After his best friend, Manson, taught him the basic skills of turntablism, he started to spin himself on several internet radio stations - he is on his way to the top.

    Niklas likes to build up his sets in order to tell the audience a story of music - from banging progressive tunes to melodic trance tracks. So dont expect him or the crowd to stand still, while jumping into the journey of music.

    Niklas has played at the biggest clubs in Denmark (Gorgeous), and is a resident at one of the leading events in Denmark, Futureclub. Aswell as being resident at one of the biggest regular club nights in Finland called Iglu. He is a resident at the most popular internet radio stations, Tranceairwaves, and and has also appearead on Markus Schulz's Global DJ Broadcast. Guestmixed at Misja Helsloot's radioshow Trancesistor, aswell as being on air at the popular Njoy show by Blank&Jones. Productions are on their way, and within a short period you will see a 12" release with the name "Niklas Harding" on. Recently, Niklas has been leaving his mark on the international scene as well, rocking parties in Russia, Turkey, Canada, Holland, Norway, and Sweden. Future Highlights with upcomming gigs in Finland, Canada, Russia, US and other places around the globe are on their way, and have already included playing along side world class DJs & producers such as Misja Helsloot, Perry O'neil, Ozgur Can, Signum, Envio, Shane54, Super8, GTR and the list goes on.

    Besides spending most of his spare time on music, he just finished High School. Niklas sets aside some quality time for his friends. He is active in attending and socializing at various electronic music events around the country, ones that present the likes of the one and only Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Tiesto, etc.

    every wedenesday @ 12 pm on
    Greenwave and guest mixes available thru bit torrent for download on