[2005-09-29/10-05] Solareclipse 05 Festival, Tunesien

  • Festival Duration:
    Festival duration Friday 30 September 23h00 till Tuesday 4th of October 12h00. 4 nights and 3 days.
    The festival camp will be open from 29.09 to 05.10.2005
    The definitive line up coming out in a few days

    The venue is simply out of this world. See for yourself Photos on our website. The festival location Tamerza, is an Oasis in the atlas mountains of south-west Tunisia. Tunisia is on average only a 2 hour flight from Europe, and yet you are in the warmth of North Africa.

    Ways to come to Tunisia:
    - By plane:
    Enjoy the special festival flight prices of TUNISAIR
    See attached flile
    You can get your flight ticket at every TUNISAIR agency.
    See attached file

    - By ferry:
    At the following ports you can take the ferry to Tunisia (TUNIS)
    From France: Nice, Marseille, Toulon
    From Italy: Genoa, La Spezia, Naples, Salerno, Trapaniferry to Tunisia ()l
    For Ferry and booking infos look at the website

    Ways to come to the festival areal:
    - By car:
    Route to follow 550km: TUNIS-Hammamet-Sousse-Kairouan-Gafsa-Metlaoui-TAMERZA

    - By public bus:
    Ideal for travellers, the bus starts in TUNIS at Bab Aliua bus Station and go to TAMERZA.
    Two Departures a day. The 1st start 10h30 and arrives at 19h00. The 2nd start 19h00 and arrives at 04h00. The travel cost 20€.

    - By train:
    Ideal for travellers, the train Starts in TUNIS at the main station at 21h00 and arrive at METLAOUI the terminal train station at 7h00. This little town is 40km far from TAMERZA. You can take there public bus or taxi. This trip cost you 20€.

    SHUTTLE FROM DJERBA and TOZEUR to the festival (Organised by TUNISIRAMA):
    Departure dates 29, 30 September and 1st of October, return on 4th, 5th or 6th of October
    Prices: from DJERBA 45€ (depart at Hotel Sangho 10 min by taxi from the aerport)
    From TOZEUR 35€ (depart at Hotel Besma 10 min by taxi from the aerport)

    Inland Package:
    Shuttle bus + assistance at the aerport + 5 days / 4 nights accommodation in (Hotel or Berber camp) + Breakfast + festival entrance = 185€
    20€ for each supplementary accommodated day.

    Festival Tickets:
    The festival ticket cost 70€ in presale.
    On the gate the ticket cost 90€.

    You can register to buy your ticket or apply to an inland package sending an email
    Infoline: Switzerland: +41 78 857 09 11
    Tunisia: +216 95 492 261

    More infos on our website solareclipse05.org

  • Line up, aha naja soso, beschimpft mich als unwissend, aber die sind mir durch die bank weg gänzlich unbekannt .. kann ich mich noch mit ein tragen ??.. muss mir nur einer den flug bezahlen dann mach ich da auch musik :D


    Beat Bizarre (iboga rec. / DK)

    Behind Blue Eyes (iboga rec. / DK)

    Beyond Third Spring (winterberg prod. / CH)

    Voice of Cod (organic rec. / UK)

    Star Nation (temple of is / gnosis rec. / UK)

    Tron (liquid rec. / MX)

    N.A.S.A. (iboga rec. / crotus rec. / DK)

    Lemurians (shiva space technology / DE)

    Anderswelten (carisma-project / DE)

    Fromem Ory (liquid rec. / CA)

    Maces & Mape (carisma-project / DE)

    Spliff Richard (altitude rec./ boom rec. / SE-TN)

    Tegma (candyflip / digital structure / SE-TN)

    Liquid Mirror (pxan rec. / P)


    Pan Papason (etnica / Ibiza)
    MAX (etnica / Ibiza)
    Banel (iboga rec. / SE)
    Lelf (turbotrance rec. / FR)
    Missing Frequency (omnisense / omnifestival / UK)
    Will Gnosis (star nation / temple of is / gnosis rec. / UK)
    DonZiggy (stardust creations /AS)
    Der 5. Gedanke (carisma-project / DE)
    Q.E.D (transient / nandan prod. / CH)
    Arash Atman (Electronic Soundscapes / GR)
    Jiggi (babapower / NL)
    Martin (labyrinth / CH)
    Luna (mondmilch / CH)
    Jaiz (vibration rec. / DK)
    Liquid Ross (liquid rec. / UK)
    massivan (pmusica / E)
    Colin (Alien Safari / SA)
    Moon (Jbilettes Prod. / rhythms of peace / MA)
    müstik (shiva space technology / CH)
    Slater (tribal vision rec. / CZ)
    Apex (XVibe / UK)
    Frontal (m~l / CH)
    Merry & Tatze (5 vor 12 crew / CH-DE)
    Apache & HAT (kommek rec. / TN)
    Daksinamurti (organic rec. / DE)
    Dirk Backes (nalanda prod. / DE)
    Upavas (evolving-arts / Hawai)
    Dalai diga (teknonioun / MA)
    Meko (Sonica2005 / Gaiatech/ I)
    Raider (3D vision rec. / DK)
    Tuetrax (alphabetic rec. / DK)
    KAA (transient rec. / LN)
    Kachina (kaisermusic / CH)
    Loom (carisma-project/ DE)
    Kore (plastik park / MX)
    Da-La (cura rec. / SE)
    Psyhigh (bionics / CH)
    bitNix / P
    Dalle (DK)

    CHILLOUT / minimal:

    Shanti Project Live (bitNix / P)
    Windfall Live / CZ
    Rino (jackpoint / CH)
    Liquid Ross (liquid rec. / UK)
    Uncle Calve (kaleidosonic / UK)
    Mr Green (project ozma - UK)
    Dalai diga (teknonioun / MA)
    Sky (artech rec. / CH)

  • Das ist einfach nur Spam, da meldet sich jemand extra an, um dann auf englisch Werbung für sein Event zu machen. Sollte meiner Meinung nach in "Down The Drain..." verschoben werden, der Thread.


    We looking to have at least 4 days of Psy/Tribal trance - the more presale tickets we can sell, the more DJ's can be hired and the longer, more intense the party can be. Don't be shy contact us at email and sign up now!

    Sowas finde ich ja mal total lächerlich. Die hoffen, dass genug Leute Vorverkauf-Tickets kaufen, weil sie scheinbar sonst nicht soviel Kohle für DJs ausgeben wollen... geht's noch :autsch:
    Unseriöses Event...