Sunlounger "Balearic Beauty"

  • Heute wurde das neue Sunlounger-Album von Roger Shah veröffentlicht mit zahlreichen Kollaborationen. Wie bei den Vorgänger ist es wieder in zwei Versionen aufgeteilt: Downtempo & Uptempo. Tracklist (CD #1: Chillout Mix, CD #2: Album Mix):

    [01] Sunlounger "Balearic Beauty"
    [02] Sunlounger feat. Inger Hansen "Come as you are"
    [03] Sunlounger feat. Kingseyes "I just wanna dance with you"
    [04] Sunlounger "Coconuts & Pineapples"
    [05] Sunlounger feat. Alexandra Baboi "I'll be fine"
    [06] Sunlounger "Sunkissed"
    [07] Sunlounger feat. Suzie Del Vecchio "If you where here"
    [08] Sunlounger "Balearic romance"
    [09] Sunlounger feat. Yoav "Today tonight"
    [10] Sunlounger feat. Andre Frauenstein "Mojito"
    [11] Sunlounger feat. JES "Glitter and Gold"
    [12] Sunlounger feat. Chase "Surrender"
    [13] Sunlounger feat Jörg Stenzel "Relaxation"
    [14] Sunlounger with Rocking J feat. Sason Bishope Parry "Find my way"


    Roger Shah: “People who follow my studio work will know by now that I’m a fan of many different types of music, both electronic and un-synthesised. There are few I love more than ambient and chillout though. Through Sunlounger I’m able to travel deeper into this area - the ‘ying’ to my club ‘yang’. It’s something that will always be fundamental to Sunlounger’s musical identity.”

    Hörproben gibt es bei YouTube, MixCloud, in seiner wöchentlichen Radio-Show und den bekannten Online-Shops.