Cunning Linguists "Thunderpants"

  • Artist: Cunning Linguists
    Track: Thunderpants
    Label: Victims Helpline
    Release: 15.05.2020

    Wer (wie ich) langsam das Gefühl bekommt, durch die Coronakrise den Verstand vollständig zu verlieren, für den gibt es hier ein passendes Gegenmittel. :D
    Eine sehr entspannte und ruhige Nummer, die den Kopf wieder klar macht. :huebbel:

    Toll ist übrigens auch der Promo-Text:

    Upping the BPMs and upping the insanity Victims Helpline is back with a big, bad, bonkers hard dancer that leaves you wishing you’d not pressed play. New signing Cunning Linguists debut with Thunderpants - an absurd record that lacks moral standards. Instead it breaks all rules, darting around randomly from one end of the spectrum to the other like a three legged Kangaroo on crack.
    It might as well be called “I’ve just Shit-my-pants” because that’s more than likely what will happen if you’re unfortunate enough to find yourself on the dance floor when this thick, veiny, throbber gets roughly inserted into your ears - with no trace of foreplay or lube.

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