Technoclub Vol. 50 - mixed by Talla 2XLC & Kai Tracid

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  • Wahnsinn wie die Zeit vergeht. Am kommenden Freitag erscheint die 50. (!) Ausgabe der Technoclub Mix-Compilation Reihe. Für die Jubiläums-Edition konnte als Gast-DJ Kai Tracid gewonnen werden. Hier die Tracklist:

    CD 1 - mixed by Talla 2XLC
    [01] Johan Gielen & Talla 2XLC "El Nino" (Intro)
    [02] James Dymond feat. Neve White "With & Without you"
    [03] Andre Visior & Talla 2XLC "Oblivion" (Mike Sanders Remix)
    [04] Jordan Suckley & Sam Jones "Hijacker" (a. R. D. I. Remix)
    [05] Manuel Le Saux feat. James Kelly "The Right Direction"
    [06] Johan Gielen & Talla 2XLC "El Nino"
    [07] Ultimate & Moonsouls "Faith & Hope"
    [08] Solarstone & Basil O'Glue "Infatuation" (Jordan Suckley Remix)
    [09] RAM & Chris Metcalfe feat. Natalie Gioia "Don't give up" (Craig Connelly Remix)
    [10] Sean Tyas "Now you see" (Darren Porter Remix)
    [11] Talla 2XLC feat. Pay and White "Storm"
    [12] JP Bates "Stalemate"
    [13] Cold Blue "Gold Rush"
    [14] Talla 2xlc & Binary Finary feat. Sylvia Tosun "Believe In Everything"
    [15] Dreamy & Akku "Stakeout
    [16] Photographer "Atlas"
    [17] Ferry Corsten "Beautiful" (Aly & Fila Remix)

    CD 2 - mixed by Kai Tracid
    [01] Kai Tracid "Tracid theme" (Album Version)
    [02] Kai Tracid "Your own reality" (Energy Mix)
    [03] Tiësto "Adagio for strings"
    [04] Kai Tracid "Tiefenrausch (The Deep Blue)" (Nrg Mix)
    [05] Angel of Death "Angel of death" (Tracid Mix)
    [06] Kai Tracid "Suicide" (Album Version)
    [07] Joy Kitikonti "Joydontstop" (Asteroids Mix)
    [08] Kai Tracid "Too many times" (Energy Mix)
    [09] Hennes & Cold "Can't have enough"
    [10] Kai Tracid " 4 just 1 day" (Energy Mix)
    [11] Hennes & Cold "The second trip" (DJ Scot Project Remix)
    [12] Yoda Inc. "Definitely" (DJ Scot Project Remix)
    [13] Kai Tracid "Trance & Acid" (Album Version)