Lange "We are lucky people"

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    Das neue Album von Lange - We are lucky people

    Artist: Lange
    Album: We are lucky people
    VÖ: 18.11.2013
    Tracks: 25 + 1 Mix


    DISC 1
    A unique take on a year of club hits, taking the sounds in new and unheard directions plus brand new material

    01. We Are Lucky People -- Album Intro
    02. Imagineer -- Album Mix
    03. Risk Worth Taking (with Susana) -- Acoustic Mix
    04. Fireflies (with Cate Kanell) -- Under The Moon Mix
    05. Superstars (with Shannon Hurley) -- Album Mix
    06. Insatiable (with Betsie Larkin) -- Album Mix
    07. A Different Shade of Crazy -- We Are All Mix
    08. Unfamiliar Truth (with Hysteria!) -- Simple Truth Mix
    09. Our Brief Time in the Sun -- Album Mix
    10. Violin's Revenge (with Ilseviolin) -- Light Mix
    11. Destination Anywhere -- Piano Mix
    12. Crossroads (with Stine Grove) -- Percussive Mix
    13. We Are Lucky People -- Album Mix

    DISC 2
    BONUS DISC the club mixes

    01. Imagineer -- Club Mix
    02. Risk Worth Taking (with Susana) -- Club Mix
    03. Fireflies (with Cate Kanell) -- Club Mix
    04. Superstars (with Shannon Hurley) -- Extended Mix
    05. Insatiable (with Betsie Larkin) -- Club Mix
    06. A Different Shade of Crazy - Club Mix
    07. Unfamiliar Truth (with Hysteria!) -- Extended Mix
    08. Our Brief Time in the Sun -- Club Mix
    09. Violin's Revenge (with Ilseviolin) -- Dark Mix
    10. Destination Anywhere -- Club Mix
    11. Crossroads (with Stine Grove) -- Club Mix
    12. We Are Lucky People -- Club Mix

    Die Club Mixes gibt es also gleich mit dazu :D

    Das was ich bisher kenne, gefällt schon mal.

    We are lucky people (CD1 Auswahl)

    We are lucky people (CD2)