Trance World Vol. 3 - mixed by Sean Tyas

  • Sean Tyas, a New York native, now residing in Switzerland, brings to the dancefloor a mix of melodic harmony and driving groove that is sure to be just as effective on the legs as it is on the heart.

    He got his start in 1999 with his first set of turntables and started to learn how to mix music. But for him, this was not enough. In the coming couple of years, he put together a studio and began producing records as well. By the age of 22, he had already remixed artists such as Christina Aguilera, Pink, Moby,Daniel Bedingfield and Christina Milian, because at that time in New York, as an aspiring producer, that was the work on offer. It wasn't long before he had an offer to leave everything behind in USA and move to Germany, working full time in Cologne under Beam-Traxx, which ended up serving him perfectly with extra self training, due to an everyday studio job.

    Moving to Europe proved to be a great move for Sean, doing all production for DJ Beam in Germany and building his experience as a studio producer. Eventually Sean decided to step away from Germany and over to Switzerland, concentrating much more on his own productions and remixes. "Mirella" was the product of this exodus, as it was promptly signed to Afterglow Recordings, seeing John Askew and Dave Joy remixes. This led to a follow-up remix of Duderstadt - Muhanjala, which has seen almost every playlist of any trance DJ that year,including Armin van Buuren and Paul van Dyk.

    CD 1

    1. Eddie Willaims - Gestation Part 2'
    2. Imsa-Ae vs Strobe - Monkey Square
    3. Orjan Nilsen - La Guitarra
    4. Robert Nickson - Never Again [Nitrous Oxide Remix]
    5. Roy Gates - Dome Alive
    6. Jose Amnesia - Follow Me [Ottaviani Remix]
    7. Dobenbeck - Please Don't Go [Greg Downey Remix]
    8. Nish - Blue Sunshine [Tyas Remix]
    9. Activa - End Of Summerean
    10. Aly & fila - Lost Language
    11. Cartel - Buenos Aires
    12. Paul Webster - Nailed
    13. Talla 2xLC vs Sean Tyas - Heart To Heart [Tyas Remix]

    CD 2
    1. Markus Schulz - Fly To Colors [Genix Remix]
    2. Simon Patterson - Smack
    3. Digital Nature & manuel Le Saux - Pretender
    4. Inertia - The System
    5. Sophie Sugar - Redemption
    6. Erik De Koning - Dream Flight [Mike Nichol Remix]
    7. Tom Colontonio - Infinity Passage
    8. Andy Tau - The Path [Neal Scarborough Remix]
    9. Digital Nature - Landmarks
    10. Akesson - Sunchaser
    11. Greg Downey - Stadium
    12. Cartel - Buenos Aires
    13. Redelict - Another Day

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