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    Pascal FEOS ist tot. Das melden verschiedene Akteure der Szene in ihren Socials, unter anderem DJ T.. Der Musiker aus Bad Nauheim, der bürgerlich Pascalis Dardoufas hieß, wurde 52 Jahre alt. Pascal FEOS litt an Magenkrebs.

    Pascal FEOS war eine der zentralen Figuren der Frankfurter Technoszene, die in den neunziger Jahren den Sound of Frankfurt mitprägte. Er begann bereits 1984 aufzulegen und spielte mit dem Dorian Gray, dem Omen oder dem U60311 in den maßgeblichen Frankfurter Clubs.

    Techno-Geschichte schrieb Pascal FEOS unter anderem mit seinem Projekt Resistance D, das er mit Maik Maurice Diehl betrieb. Deren gemeinsamer Track „Cosmic Love” von 1990 gilt als eines der ersten Trance-Stücke überhaupt. Sven Väth verpflichtete Resistance D für sein Label Harthouse. Dort gestaltete das Duo mit einer Reihe von Alben und Singles den aufkommenden Sound of Frankfurt mit. Die meisten Soloproduktionen von Pascal FEOS erschienen unter dem Alias Sonic Infusion. Herausragend sind da unter anderem „Magnifica” (auf Eye Q) oder „Unfuture” (auf Bonzai).

    Neben Diehl kollaborierte Pascal FEOS mit vielen herausragenden Künstlern der Szene – unter anderem mit Ambient-Vordenker Peter Kuhlmann, Klang-Elektronik-Macher Heiko M/S/O, Uwe Schmidt (Atom TM) oder mit Laurent Garnier. Als Labelmacher trat er mit dem stiloffenen Label Electrolux in Erscheinung, als Radiomacher bei der HR3-Clubnacht.…r-trance-pionier-ist-tot/

    RIP Pascalis

    Dear friend,

    Today at 7 pm, the Dutch government announced the extension of its measures concerning the outbreak of Coronavirus. All events scheduled to take place until the 1st of June are banned.

    It is with a heavy heart that I have to inform you that this means all of my This Is Me shows and the This Is Blah Blah Blah all ages show in the Ziggo Dome from the 20th to 23rd of May 2020 will be postponed.

    My team and I have worked very hard to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We are beyond grateful that the show has been so well received and has sold out 4 times in record time! Unfortunately, this situation is beyond our control and we sincerely hope for your understanding and support.

    We are in close contact with the Ziggo Dome and will announce replacement dates soon.

    “I guarantee you that my This Is Me shows will happen and you can expect an update about this within two weeks.”

    I would like to thank you for your continuous support in these hard times. Stay healthy and I hope to see you soon in the Ziggo Dome, because there’s no one I’d rather share my story with than all of you.

    x Armin

    Da hast aber nur die Tickets und TL mit TM vergleichen... sicher ist ein stolzer Preis, wir haben es letztes Jahr das erste mal gemacht und dieses Jahr wieder... liegt vielleicht am Alter oder das wir eh nicht die 1. Reihe Tänzer sind 😉 und du kannst mit dem Ticket überall hin, wenn du magst, hast ein Top Catering dabei, Getränke mit drin, halt einfach entspannt...

    Du bist da direkt gegenüber von der Stage und hast einen Top Blick. Kannst auch auf die Ränge oder runter auf die Fläche ( außer Goldfingers) Catering ist überragend (war zumindest letztes Jahr so) hast ausreichend Platz. Bei den Getränken musst du die „harten“ Sachen bezahlen, ist also nicht alles inkl. Der luxoriöse Clubflur ist quasi der Oberrang, wo sonst die VIP‘s beim Eishockey etc. sitzen.


    Gareth Emery

    Paul van Dyk


    White Noise

    Aly & Fila

    Thomas Coastline

    Markus Schulz

    24. Okt. um 20:00 – 25. Okt. um 06:00

    Ticketverkauf startet am 17.02.20 um 10 Uhr


    📅 24.10.2020 ● O2 ARENA PRAGUE (



    After numerous sold out editions attracting fans from more than 80 countries to Prague, Transmission Festival is ready to provide yet another unique experience on Saturday the 24th October 2020 at the O2 arena in Prague!
    Transmission Festival is globally recognized for its breathtaking unparalleled productions providing one of the world’s biggest Funktion-One Vero sound system setups with a mind-blowing lights and laser extravaganza.
    Transmission will dazzle the senses again with a huge stage set up providing dozens of lasers, hundreds of powerful lights, giant LED screens, and lots of SFX effects, that will reinforce the strength of your experience together with the greatest talent planet Earth has to offer in the progressive, tech and trance sound.
    The beautiful O2 arena in Prague will be transformed into a giant dance temple to celebrate the evening in style and will be the place to be on Saturday, the 24th October 2020. The full lineup and Theme for 2020 will be announced in a later phase.
    You can Pre-register here ➡️ to have a chance for the cheapest tickets to join this magnificent and extraordinary dance experience. Ticket presale starts on Monday, the 17th February 2020 at Ticketportal, Ticketmaster and Paylogic.
    With last year’s Transmission Festival in Prague, you were taken on a space odyssey to ‘Another Dimension’. You can relive the memories of the night with the just-released aftermovie ➡️
    Doors open at 20:00 and show ends at 6:00. Age limit to join Transmission Festival is 18 years.

    💿 LINE-UP: TBA


    ℹ️ INFO:

    ❓ FAQ:

    Paul macht mit seiner SHINE Veranstaltungsreihe Stop in Berlin

    Wann: 02.05.2020

    Wo: Columbiahalle, Berlin, Germany

    Türen geöffnet: 22:30

    Event startet: 23:00

    Event endet: 6:00

    Tickets: hier

    1. Phase Early Bird > Sold Out!

    1. Release Standard 35,00 €+2,33 € Gebühr+2,61 € MmST/STt.-Nr

    2. VIP Ticket 49,00 €+2,96 € Gebühr+3,64 € MmST/STt.-Nr (VIP ticket includes fast-line entry, welcome drink and access to VIP area with seating availabilities and bar)

    Line Up

    Paul van Dyk

    Aly & Fila

    Alex M.O.R.P.H.

    DJ Paul Thomas

    Chris Bekker




    Paul van Dyk. SHINE. Berlin! If the question you’re grappling with is ‘how hasn’t this happened already!?!’, well, we hear ya! Having reigned over Belgium’s Tomorrowland, aced Amsterdam’s ADE and shone over Ibiza for two seasons now, SHINE’s set to tick another club-hub off its ‘to-rock’ list.

    Given the providence of SHINE’s patron, the clock’s been ticking on an event in PvD’s Berlin backyard since SHINE’s first dawning. There was one hold-up though and that was the availability of only spot Paul was happy siting it. Handpicked (and then held out for), the three and a half thousand capacity Columbiahalle is a venue with which Paul shares a storied history. Having cut his teeth there over a number of his formative DJ years, it was a place he even went as far (with 2001’s ‘Columbia’) to dedicate a track to.

    Located close to the Tempelhof Airport area, come May 2nd Columbiahalle will host a DJ line-up that’s the beating heart epitome of SHINE’s musical frequency. In addition to seeing trance’s foremost founding father in his native environment, SHINE will welcome their other DJ mainstays Aly & Fila to the German capital. Paul’s fellow countryman Alex M.O.R.P.H. will also be deck-side, once again elevating melodic trance to an art form. Opening SHINE Berlin meanwhile will be a B2B-first, with the UK’s Paul Thomas and Berlin’s own Chris Bekker, applying some progressively themed therapy to the event.

    So don’t delay, jailbreak those 2020 calendars today, put a big red ‘X’ through that May 02 box and get on the right end of some entry tickets for SHINE’s Berlin bow-in now.

    20.05.20 > Exclusive Fan Night > SOLD OUT!

    21 & 22 MAY 2020

    20:00 – 00:30 | Ziggo Dome Amsterdam

    Pre-sale starts 21 November at 16:00 CET.

    Regular sale starts 23 November at 12:00 CET.

    1. Regular Ticket (59,50 euros ex. fee): a regular ticket includes access to the dancefloor and first ring (non reserved seats).
    2. Seated Ticket (39,50 euros ex. fee): a seated ticket includes a reserved seat on the second ring (best available seats by automatic selection).
    3. Top Ticket (84,50 euros ex. fee): a top ticket includes a seperate entrance, access to the floor and an exclusive area on the first ring with non reserved seats, close view of the stage, private bar (drinks not included).
    4. Deluxe Ticket (109,50 euros ex. fee): a deluxe ticket includes a seperate entrance, access to the deluxe deck located on the floor behind the front of house with a private bar (drinks not included) and a special ”This Is Me” lanyard.
    5. VIP Ticket (159,50 euros ex. fee): a VIP Ticket includes a seperate entrance and access to the VIP deck with the best views of the house, a private bar with 25 euros credit and a signed ”This Is Me” lanyard by Armin van Buuren.
    6. Wheelchair Ticket (99,50 euros ex. fee): a wheelchair ticket includes general access for two and access to the wheelchair deck.

    Every day, you wake up a little more.

    That’s what my mother always says. Every day you learn something new. You learn to see and think a little better, become a little more at peace with yourself, you find your place in life.

    The same goes for making music, of course. Every song I make teaches me something new. In the past, I used to struggle finding a healthy balance between work – making music, touring – and personal life. More and more, though, I’ve learned to focus on the journey of creation itself, on satisfaction rather than recognition. I’ve learned that work is only worth it if it also makes you grow as a person.

    Balance, my new studio album, is a reflection of that. On the one hand, it’s informed by my 25 years of experience as a producer, and on the other hand, it’s the sound of me having fun in the studio, the sound of me accepting myself and my tastes. It’s an honest story of venturing into known and unknown territories, finding the balance in between.

    At this point, it’s time to tell you my whole story. All of it: all of those different things that made me learn and grow as a person. In This Is Me, for the first time ever, I will bring all sides of myself together for one time only in this special show. In the relative intimacy of the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, This Is Me will take you back to each moment as if you were actually there, experiencing and learning for yourself. Mainstage performances, A State of Trance, Armin Only, Radio Hits and more – we’ll be going through it all, together.

    These are the events and experiences that led me to where I am today. This is the joy of learning. This is what I want to create, and there’s no one I’d rather share my story with than all of you. I’m Armin van Buuren, and This Is Me.

    MISSION: Guiding Light

    The Album Initiation Tour 2019

    Paul van Dyk is firmly back in album-mode, today announcing a fall tour across North America, ahead of a new album in early 2020. The iconic trance producer/DJ will be hitting 12 cities in the US and Canada throughout November, including key markets such as NYC, Miami and Chicago, previewing his forthcoming album to adoring fans across the continent. His new album will be titled Guiding Light and the pre-album tour is aptly named MISSION: Guiding Light, the first stage of this ensuing sonic journey.

    MISSION: Guiding Light will take music lovers on a journey to find their guiding light through the power of music. During the course of his career, van Dyk has embraced personal development and empowerment, encouraging his fans to follow their passion and pursue their dreams. This new album will encapsulate van Dyk’s lifelong mission to motivate others, serving as their guiding light in the pursuit of happiness. On the MISSION: Guiding Light tour, van Dyk will play tracks from the album to a North American audience for the first time, teasing what’s slated to be one of his most energetic albums to date.

    “It’s always an aim to inspire others through music, and that’s my mission with my new album Guiding Light. I collaborated with some of the most talented up and coming artists in trance music over the past year, recording sessions across the world from my home studio in Berlin to hotel rooms in far corners of the globe. It’ll be a joy to share the album with my North American fans for the first time, can’t wait to see you all soon.” – PvD remarks of the new album

    Paul van Dyk has had a busy summer, hosting the 2nd consecutive SHINE Ibiza residency at their new homebase Club Eden, in between various festival dates that included EDC Las Vegas, Creamfields and Nature One. van Dyk even curated the SHINE Stage at Tomorrowland, proof that the residency has stretched beyond its initial home of Ibiza and a testament to the passion for trance in the dance music community. With a string of singles lined up for release in the coming months and the upcoming tour of North America, van Dyk looks to finish the year strong, heading into the release of his 10th studio album in early 2020.

    wieder eine sehr geile Party und hat mir Musik technisch noch besser gefallen, als die Transmission. Aber das ist ja Geschmackssache :D. Entgegen aller Spekulationen im Vorfeld wurde die selbe Bühne benutzt wie dann Sonnabend zur Transmission. Es waren auch alle Laser im Einsatz etc.. Nur das Bühnenbild selber war natürlich anders. Wäre auch Wahnsinn, alles in 12h komplett umzubauen. Von den Sets möchte ich keins hervorheben, waren alle von Qrion bis Bluestone Top! Highlight war G & D, als sie ihr Set mit "As the Rush comes" starten :huebbel::huebbel::huebbel: da stand die Halle Kopf .... Am Sonntag dann schön entspannt bei bestem Wetter das Wochenende beim Anjunadeep Openair ausklingen lassen. Ich glaube, die Lokation hat noch nicht soviel Menschen auf einmal gesehen. Die Toiletten Situation war eine Katastrophe. Teilweise mussten die wegen überlaufen geschlossen werden, bei den Herren war die Schlange länger als bei den Damen. Die Versorgungsstände sind auch an ihre Grenzen gekommen. Zum Schluss wurde in den Raum geworfen, nächstes Jahr wieder zukommen, da müssen sie aber dann einiges verbessern. Ansich ist die Lokation nicht schlecht, nur etwas in die Jahre gekommen.

    Wir waren 10 nach 8 noch mit leichtem Ohrensummen von Freitag :D in der Halle und haben bis 4 durch gehalten. Schönster Moment bzw. schöne Geste war der Einspieler zu Ehren Karel Gott's zwischen Thomas und Darren. Sehr emotional.... Wir hatten uns diesmal für die Golden Tickets entschieden und werden das auch so beibehalten. Auch wenn man dann als VIP Schnösel abgestempelt wird. War sehr entspannt und da oben wird genauso gefeiert wie unten. Ich selber war auch oft unten unterwegs. Ansonsten Top organisiert, wieder unglaubliche Lasershow und sie taten gut daran, die Halle nicht so voll zu machen. Gegenüber letztes Jahr wurde auch auf die GoGo Podeste mitten in der Halle verzichtet, war sicher von Vorteil :yes: