[2013-06-15] In Trance United Music Festival @ Muchowiec - Park Katowice

  • Hier ein neues Event von unseren polnischen Trancefreunden mit einen erstklassigem Lineup, das man sich wirklich nicht entgehen lassen sollte :D

    If your heart beats for the music in 130 BPM+ then you will loose your head for the In Trance United Music Festival. Line Up of the party will satisfy every lover of electronic sounds. You have to be definitely with us on 15th June in Katowice

    In Trance United is the new festival dedicated to the sounds of Trance Music. 16 hours of magical journey with the best representatives of genre from the whole World. Two stages: main and chill out. High tech special effects - massive sound system, visuals based on 3D mapping technology with laser show and pyrotechnics. Brand new quality on Trance arena stage in Poland!


    * Super8 & Tab (FIN)
    * Tenishia (M)
    * John 00 Fleming (UK)

    * Bjorn Akesson (S)
    * Arctic Moon (PL)
    * Sebastian Brandt (S)
    * Nifra (SK)
    * Special Guest: Susana (NL) Live Act
    * Alexandre Bergheau (FR)
    * Matt Bukovski (PL)
    * A.R.D.I (PL)
    * Outer Space (PL)
    * Next DJ (PL)
    * Cristian Ketelaars (PL)
    * Arisen Flame (PL)
    And many more..


    79 zl - earlybirds
    89 zl - from may 15th
    99 zl - durring the party day
    299 zB VIP - access to the vip area, where all artist going to be, sponsors etc, ticket provide: three meals, free beer, free 2 energy drinks or 2 soft drinks. Available on TicketPro: www.ticketpro.pl/jnp/muzyka/1068401-in-trance-united.html (reception on site)