• Started composing music in the year 1999 and since then always searching for new ways and methods in order to produce quality crystal-clean audio outputs. Every track has an original unique style, a hard beat and a clubby approach.

    Open Source brings a new firmament in psy trance scene and reflects the overwhelming growth in the world-wide popularity for progressive music with a unique effective sound. His stand-out production skills along with his flexible musical direction has already started the buzz with inquiries for live shows and dj-sets.

    Influenced by several genres of music, schranz techno, psy tech, psy trance, progressive, ambient, currently producing psy trance & mixing almost anything.

    Inevitably the hottest new prospect on international psy trance scene.

    Open Source Music | Ghost records

  • Open Source delivers from his homeland Athens an extraordinary progressive psy trance remix compilation featuring 9 previously released tracks. All remixes are deeply emotional, groovy and totally different while retaining a progressive rhythm. Open Source reflects a diverse range of musical inclinations from psy tech to electro house. The result is a solid combination of massive driving progressive trance excitements, all different and infectious, guaranteeing a magical journey to everyone attempting to listen to this roaring release.

    1. Ultra Deep Field (love rmx) 09:14 (bpm 134)
    2. Never Forever (progressive rmx) 09:03 (bpm 133)
    3. Alto Sax (rmx) 07:16 (bpm 134)
    4. Mosquito Byte (rmx) 07:44 (bpm 135)
    5. Hot Looking babes (radio edit) 06:43 (bpm 136)
    6. F.I.T.H.O.B. (rmx) 06:38 (bpm 136)
    7. Magic Garden (radio edit) 09:55 (bpm 138)
    8. Planet Blue (orbital rmx) 08:45 (bpm 137)
    9. Psychedelic Realm (progressive rmx) 09:18 (bpm 137)

    Total Lenght 74:36

    All tracks written & produced by Open Source, Aggelos Mavros from Athens.
    Copyright 2013 Ghost Label records. All rights reserved.

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  • You are 1 person out of 7 billion people, on 1 solar system out of 200 billion solar systems, in 1 galaxy out of 200 billion galaxies, in 1 universe out of an infinite number of parallel universes, and that makes you ENORMOUSLY insignificant to this world.

    After 2 years of making, Open Source proudly announces his upcoming "ENORMOUSLY insignificant" solo album, including 9 new soulful tracks made out of extreme effort.

    1. DAYS OF HIGH ADVENTURE [08:36] BPM 138
    2. INTO THE SOURCE [07:21] BPM 137
    3. POINT OF NO RETURN [09:05] BPM 137
    4. TOO RARE TO DIE [08:11] BPM 138
    5. TOO WEIRD TO LIVE [09:10] BPM 138
    6. FROM ATHENS WITH LOVE [08:13] BPM 137
    7. A GREAT DREAM [09:02] BPM 137
    8. THE INSTITUTE [10:06] BPM 138
    9. IN CYCLONES [10:13] BPM 134

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  • Artist: Open Source
    Title: Ego Killer
    Label: Ghost Label records
    Catalog Number: GLRCD009
    Genre: Progressive Psytrance
    Format: Jewel Case CD & Digital Download (wav/mp3)
    Release Date: 01 July 2015

    Description: Death is not frightening, for it would seem frightening to Socrates if indeed it was. During the short breath of existence that we call life, a man’s instinct provokes him to be loved, and if not loved to be admired, and if not admired to be respected, and if not respected to be feared, and if not feared to be hated. Whitewashed from his bio necessities a man without EGO quietly awaits his ending to fulfill his destiny. “EGO KILLER” elevates the listener to a new level of awareness and reflects the overwhelming growth in popularity of highly emotional, melodic trance over its 80-minute journey. The unique melodies and abstract instruments combine to create a sentient musical dose of life-and-death bliss and allow you to explore the edges of consciousness.

    1. Bad Habits [rmx] [08:27] 138 BPM
    2. Ego Killer [09:06] 136 BPM
    3. High Progressive [08:59] 136 BPM
    4. Too Weird to Live [radio edit] [08:55] 138.5 BPM
    5. Sending My Signal [radio edit] [07:21] 141.5 BPM
    6. Darkness Falls Across The Land [radio edit] [08:47] 136 BPM
    7. Trance Anthem [08:09] 135 BPM
    8. Space Kablooie [09:16] 134.5 BPM
    9. Descent Into Hades [08:57] 136 BPM

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  • GL records presents Open Source's 8th studio album "Indian Calling". The album calls for unification of most psytrance styles as behind lies the comprehensive talent of Open Source to create all kinds of rhythms. "Indian Calling" is an extremely varied album with lots of transfixed vocals, natural drum-sets, advanced psy-tech grooves, melodies seamlessly interwoven with Open Source's melancholic mood and of course, a touch from the East.

    01. Open Source - Indian Calling 7:36 // BPM 131
    02. Open Source - A Thousand Joys (new edit) 8:43 // BPM 134.5
    03. Open Source - A Great Dream (radio edit) 09:03 // BPM 137
    04. Open Source - Rapid Rabbit 08:35 // BPM 142.5
    05. Open Source - Mousiki (album edit) 09:09 // BPM 143
    06. Open Source - This Is Paradise (remix) 6:41 // BPM 136
    07. Open Source - Louder 7:41 // BPM 136
    08. Open Source - Blessed All Forms Of Intelligence 08:16 // BPM 132
    09. Open Source - A Thousand Joys (chill-out edit) 09:16 // BPM 105

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  • The time has come to experience something new. An extraordinary production from an unexpected source. To say that both the music and its maker will challenge your preconceptions about fine psytrance, would be simply an understatement. They will ROCK YOU TO YOUR CORE ! Ladies and gentlemen, Open Source is.. Highly Motivated To Rock You.

    01. Holy Riff (06:45) bpm 138
    02. True Lollipop (07:47) bpm 136
    03. The Wicked Witch Of The West (08:36) bpm 138
    04. Legends Never Die (06:40) bpm 143
    05. Psycho Meditation (09:18) bpm 139
    06. The Real Dragonwarrior (10:12) bpm 140
    07. Future Man [Live Edit] (09:20) bpm 141
    08. Aesop's Myth (07:11) bpm 138
    09. In Cyclones [Chill-Out Edit] (10:25) bpm 130

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