Daniel Wanrooy "Slice of life"

  • Artist: Daniel Wanrooy
    Album: Slice Of Life
    Label: Black Hole Recordings
    VÖ: 30.04.2012 (Digital und via CD)


    01. Friuli
    02. Put Yourself Through This (with Elliot Johns)
    03. Ocean Terrace 2.0
    04. Dog Day Afternoon
    05. Stay In The Moment (with Blake Lewis)
    06. Tonica
    07. Bangalore
    08. White Sands (with René Havelaar)
    09. Living It Up (with Emma Lock)
    10. Pretoria (2012 Mix)
    11. E.L.F.
    12. Your Life (with Hannah Ray)
    13. Lotus
    14. 4 Days Out

    Da werde ich mal reinhören .. hab den Daniel Wanrooy etwas aus den Ohren verloren, aber was ich bis dato hörte, gefiel mir! :yes: