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    This set is great, much better than the one from album lanch party in Berlin.
    But on the other hand, what is this? ->
    I can`t belive that Paul made this ...........(insert a swear word of your choice :yes:)
    Has he no honor or selfrespect? :rolleyes: :D
    Well my opinion is: EDM is finaly getting huge in the USA. Payments are a lot bigger than anywhwer else. But 90 %people in the USA listen to more comercial type of electronic music. And Paul wants to be one of top 3 dj in USA and he wants to be known as a house Dj. :D
    So now he makes tracks like Such a feeling... It is all about the money. I doubt it, that Paul actually likes this crap.
    He is walking hand in hand with Guetta now, but he will never be like Tiesto, who is the bigest Dj in the world. :D:D:D
    I just hope that Paul won`t become a pop prices like Lady Gaga or Britney. :rolleyes:
    What his music lacks in this time is: style, groowe, beat, base.. When I listen to his music (not a lot lately) it has very anoying sound. I can`t listen to that at home on my oldschool (but great) soundsystem. Sometimes it sounds like 2 pigs are fuc**ng a poor little squirrel. :D

    I know this all sound very harsh, but I still respect Paul a lot and I can`t wait for my next PvD gig.

    PLUR :yes:

    P.S.: as for his private life -> it is his life and he can do what ever he wants, like all of us. Hope the dogs are not to sad. :p

    I was in Coocon club when Paule was playing there in 2005. I wanted to see this fantastic new club and Paul was their guest - perfect!
    Club is realy somethig, sound is fantastic, ambient very unique I was just walking around and admired the club for an hour...and I met Sven there, spoke with him and told him how we went to see his club all the way from Ljubljana. And that it is the first club that can compare wit Ambasada Gavioli. He was very happy! :D
    Paul was playing fuc**ng the best music back in those days (era of POD2 :huebbel:), but publikum in Coocon back than was not realy in to electronic dance music, they just went to see who this famous Pul van Dyk is, and drink some champagne. :D
    So Paul ajusted his set a bit and played somthig like the best of trance and PVD singels. It was very nice, but not an usual PvD.
    My girl friend and me had a fantastic time on that evening and we were by far the craziest party people in the club (Sven was sober :D).
    We were sooooo.........crazy! :D :yes:
    And when I lighted up a spliff on the dancecube in front of DJ booth, every one were just staring. People around the cube, Sven, Paul, Cocoon crew... Smoking cigarets was not allowed (rauchen verboten :D), but to smoke a spliff.... :D
    Fortunatly I met Sven before, so he just looked to his crew and wink them "It`s cool".
    I think I was a real hero for a few by standards :huebbel: Ohhhh, crazy times. That Frankfurt trip was one of the best party weekends ever (top 20 :D).

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    Hello my friends! :yes:

    I have to say I agree with mar she, Vandit Jünger, Exhale2001 and others about Paul`s set from Saturday (especially first half). It was indeed a big negative surprise, to hear this "trouse" (?) or what ever this was. It sounded like ............. WTF?
    How can you dance to that, that is the question. :no:
    It was something in between Avicci, Tiesto, SHM.... :gruebel:
    I am serious! Paul was allways trend setter, he was the coolest DJ. But now he is just a trend follower with this, or what?
    This kind of music high school kids listen in the USA for two years and than move on.
    No lover of electronic dance music respect this kind of nonsence and that is the majority opinon.
    AMEN!!!!! :D

    P.S: I wasnt at the party, I just downloaded the set (and deleted it never to be remebered again :boxing:) and I only wrote this out of deepest respect for Paule :yes: and respect for all of you PvD fans. After all, we all want to go to many more PvD gigs in the future, cos it is the best party in the universe when Paul is playing for us! And I hope to see you all in the future many times...

    PLUR :yes:

    Greetings, Thomas.