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    Es war ganz schwierig ein schones line-up zu machen am diese datum so es macht mich glücklich Ihre positiven Antworten zu lesen :-)

    A little extra note about the early birds as this seem's to be a little bit unclear.
    In total there are ca 500 tickets available. The first 100 tickets are available for € 9,50, than another 100 tickets are available for € 20,13 and than the last ca 300 tickets are available for the regular ticket price of € 25,-

    Since the beach weekender is growing bigger and bigger we felt it would be good to go back to what we love most, doing small and intimate events.

    Thanks for your positive reactions and hope to see you "soon" :-)

    Bo, lumi.

    [Blockierte Grafik:…staurantpanamaamsterd.jpg]

    The winter has barely started or a new Luminosity Trance Gathering event is already there to warm you up!

    On Friday the 30th of March Luminosity will start another promising year with an event in one of the most popular club in Amsterdam: Panama. After a sold-out Beach Festival at Beachclub Riche it’s time to make the next step!

    Two area's will be hosted. The line-up will be released in the coming weeks.
    Meanwhile please feel free to drop your dj requests!

    The Venue
    The venue the Panama, an industrial monument, is located near the Central Station of Amsterdam and very easy reachable by public transport if you travel from Den Bosch or any other place you're staying at during this trance weekend. Trains in Holland run all night so no reason to miss this amazing event. Luminosity will make sure this Pre-party will be of Luminosity quality so lasers and visuals will be amazing as you are used to.

    In short
    When: 30th of March 2012
    Where: Panama, Amsterdam (Oostelijke Handelskade 22)
    Time: 22.00 - 04.00
    Tickets: 25,- (

    The party is supposed to end at 4:00am but will continue if enough people stay! Spread the word!

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    Luminosity Events have just announced that Luminosity Beach Festival it’s 5th edition will be on 23-24 June at Beachclub Riche, Zandvoort.

    Early bird weekend tickets of € 59,- are available at or at your local Free Record Shop. Only 150 early bird tickets are available.

    Hotels are every year very quicky fully reservared so if you need a place to stay, make sure you book your room as soon as possible before all are full. Haarlem is only 5 min away from Zandvoort, and Amsterdam 15/20min away! There is also a camping just across the street.

    Time: 12.00-00.00
    Location: Beachclub Riche, Zandvoort
    Genres: hardtrance, trance, progressive
    Presales: buy your tickets online at

    For more info please check

    A glimpse of last year:

    As most hotels in Zandvoort are already full:

    Complete your Luminosity Beach experience by booking a travel package.

    The hotel package includes:
    - 2 persons hotel room in the CitizinM Amsterdam Schiphol hotel.
    - 2 Luminosity Beach Festival weekend tickets.
    - Taxi Transfer between the CitzinM hotel and Beachclub Riche in Zandvoort (transfer time: 25 mintutes.)
    - Luminosity hostess in your hotel.

    For more info please check: http://www.luminosity-events.n…sity-beach-festival-2011/


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    Neija wenn das der Grund ist weshalb du nicht erscheinst, dann müssen wir wohl ohne dich feiern. :D

    greetz West :sleep:

    +1 .. It's your point of view and I respect that but if you enjoy the line up, I think it's sad to miss it just because of such a minor detail .. mostly when it's quite easy to not pay the toilet in holland haha but ok .. just my 2cts ;)

    ps: Diane speaking, I'm French and I wasnt used to pay the toilet too , I used to think it was weird for me but now, I'm used to it and I'd rather pay toilet at least once because they are freaking clean than free toilet with no paper like in many (huge or not) festivals (summerlake and Tomorrowland camping toilet, that's for you :p).

    Edit: annnd ... it's the club itself that makes ppl pay, not us ;)

    hey guys, i've read the line up has just been posted already sooo here are other info and the flyer to get into a summerish mood :D

    Luminosity Beach Festival 2011 line-up is announced!
    [Blockierte Grafik: http://www.luminosity-events.n…s/2011/lumibeach2011.jpeg]
    Asking the true trance fans: What was the best party of 2010? All of them will answer: “Luminosity Beach Festival!” Why ? Because it had the best music, ambiance, people and artists and that is what it’s all about… The reactions on the 2010 edition were crazy and about 3000 clubbers from a staggering 25 different countries took part of an amazing weekend.

    This year Luminosity has contacted some of the finest dj’s to come to Holland and party with you on the 2nd and 3rd of July 2011. Be part of this unique party due to the great atmosphere and visitors! Picture this: sandy beaches, blue skies, waves touching the shoreline, you holding a nice cocktail in your hand with among you, your best friends and dancing to the massive sounds of some of the best dj’s in the world ! Luminosity Beach Festival 2011 has it all in store for you!

    Luminosity does listen to its visitors and a massive Trance Classics stage was the most requested! So let's dive deep into the roots of Trance… One more time, Luminosity Beach Festival will bring you the finest international line-up on 2 stages on both days!

    Hawaii area:
    Andy Moor
    Roger Shah
    Simon Patterson
    Marcel Woods
    Leon Bolier
    DJ Eco
    Jon O'Bir

    Beach area:
    Artento Divini
    Ummet Ozcan
    Paul Webster
    Ali Wilson
    Cliff Coenraad
    Rafael Frost
    Julian Vincent
    Wezz Devall

    Hawaii area:
    Sean Tyas
    Sied van Riel
    M.I.K.E. (Push)
    Sebastian Brandt
    Manuel le Saux
    Ferry Tayle
    Tempo Giusto

    Tranceclassics area:
    Kai Tracid
    Nalin & Kane
    Jonas Steur aka Estuera

    Location is the Beachclub Riche at Zandvoort. For those who have visited us before, it is a well known address.

    Of course you will be able to relax a bit, using your wristband to go wherever you want, and enjoy the food, cocktails and ice-creams even better than last year! Beachclub Riche has ensured to have a special food court this year with more choice and extra toilets as-well as more lockers.

    As always we will let ourselves go with the Hawaiian happiness! Palms, coconuts and flowers will welcome you… Or a crazy monkey, who knows! So dress to impress him!

    Tickets are available at or at any Free Record Shops.
    €59 weekend ticket, €29.50 one day ticket pre-sales.
    Early Birds are SOLD OUT!
    More info at

    Hotels are almost fully booked so if you need a place to stay, make sure you book your room as soon as possible before all are full. You can find hotels here. Haarlem is only 5min away from Zandvoort, and Amsterdam 15/20min away! There is also a camping just across the street.

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    A glimpse of last year:


    With the current x-mas holidays the summer feels a long time away. Still, all early bird tickets are sold out. This is definitely faster than the organization had expected. Luminosity proves it’s still something that people are looking forward to throughout the year. The organization is already busy with confirming the line-up and is extra motivated by the successful earlybird ticket sellout to make the 2011 edition even more special.

    More information about Luminosity Beach Festival 2011 including the line-up will be announced soon at

    Wishing you a fabulous time until next year, and we hope to see you at some of our shows in Amsterdam before then!

    Lots of happy wishes,
    The Luminosity Team

    Luminosity - Trance Gathering @ Westerunie Amsterdam 8 April 2011 (Before ASOT 500)

    With massive events like Luminosity Beach Festival and Before the Energy, Luminosity has proven it is possible to gather the biggest fans and celebrate one love, the love for trance music and all it's subgenres. Many epic moments we have witnessed at the beach, in Utrecht and because of all the requests for a luminosity event before ASOT we just couldnt refuse... So there you have it, we did it and with a venue and an international line-up you will love!

    Marcel Woods
    M.I.K.E. aka Push
    Ferry Tayle
    Paul Webster
    Bjorn Akesson
    Arctic Moon

    The venue the Westerunie, famous for their Armada and Intuition parties, is located in the center of Amsterdam very easy reachable by public transport if you travel from Den Bosch or any other place you're staying at during this trance weekend. Trains in Holland run all night so no reason to miss this amazing event. Luminosity will make sure this Pre-party will be of Luminosity quality so lasers and visuals will be amazing as you are used to.

    In short:
    Name: Luminosity - Trance Gathering
    Date: Friday 8th April 2011, 9pm-5am
    Location: The Westerunie, Klönneplein 4 - 6, 1014 DD Amsterdam
    Tickets: €24,50 pre-sales / More at the door

    Travel information:
    The Westerunie is located close to the centre of Amsterdam and can easily be reached by car, bike, tram or bus. Public transport between Amsterdam and Utrecht is available 24/7! Click here for extra travel information.

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    Check for more info: //

    25-12-2010 - Luminosity presents Xmas edition @ In casa, Leiden, NL

    Looking for a change with this year’s Christmas? Don’t wanna be bored with the old movies showing the holidays of years ago when your parents still had long hair?? Luminosity has the Answer! Luminosity will offer you the perfect gift you have ever received on Christmas: a massive line-up of DJ’s that will give you that loving cozy feeling inside that everyone wants to have during this time of year.

    [Blockierte Grafik:]

    Line up
    After your fancy dinner with your family, just mention you’re extremely tired and go to bed. While your family is having cognac at the fireplace you sneak out to listen to the best Christmas banging sounds Luminosity has to offer. What to think of: the new owner of the ISOS series Richard Durand, our Dutch Santa Leon Bolier, reindeer Thomas Bronzwaer, Artento Divini’s massive energy and the little trance goblin Juventa!

    The club “In Casa” in Leiden will be the domain of the Luminosity Christmas sounds on the 25th of December 2010. No more Wham, Jingle bells and “Aaaaalll I want for Christmas” but only the highest quality of trance will be accepted. Leave the turkey and Granbury sauce at home and raise a glass of champagne with your best trance friends at this unique event.
    Easy to reach by public transport as it’s located only 10 minutes walking distance from Leiden central.
    Adress: Lammermarkt 100 2312 CW Leiden
    [Blockierte Grafik:]

    Tickets for this “Holy” event can easily be purchased online at or at all Belcompany and FreeRecord shops in Holland.
    Damage is only €17.50 and doors will open at 22:00 until 05:00.

    Christmas Style, better yet, bring that turkey and wear it! (Without the sauce) Also beards and full Santa outfits are very much appreciated

    In short:
    Date: Saturday 25 december 2010, 22:00 – 05:00.
    Location: In Casa, Leiden, NL
    Line up: Richard Durand, Leon Bolier, Thomas Bronzwaer, Artento Divini, Juventa
    Tickets: 17.50€

    [Blockierte Grafik:]

    something that might help you guys (sorry I dont speak german lool my deutsch is really too bad :'((((( I forgot everything pff shame on me )

    [Blockierte Grafik:]

    Places to stay
    Luminosity provides you a hotel package including:
    2 hotel nights, 2 Luminosity Beach Festival weekend tickets and transport from and to the club on both days for €329 (ex. fee) per 2 persons.
    If you want to stay only 1 night, the package is €269 (ex. fee) per 2 persons.
    You will be staying at the Hotel Ibis Amsterdam

    Your room
    [Blockierte Grafik: http://www.weekendarrangement.…/large/1161_picture_2.jpg]

    Tickets are available at If you have already bought your tickets for the event, it's also possible to get an upgrade for only hotel&transport please send a mail to
    Otherwise Zandvoort is just 15 min away from Amsterdam and 10 min away from Haarlem so it's a good alternative to book a hotel there.
    For great hotel deals visit:

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