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    (...) Vocals, die diesmal endlich mal wieder nicht von Kyau & Albert selbst eingesungen wurden. (...)

    Gerade das hätte ich mir noch gewünscht. Soll aber nicht heißen, dass die jetzigen Vocals nicht saugut sind. Allerdings macht gerade Mr. Alberts Gesang die K&A Tracks besonders.

    Universal Source - Remember
    Universal Source - Albatross
    Universal Source - Albatross (2007 Rework)
    Paul Harrison - Push [Universal Source Remix]

    (All tracks available on

    Universal Source - Ultra Distance
    Flexx - Fashion Victim

    Supero Recordings, USA
    SoundTribeRekords, USA

    Short biography:
    Behind the project name "Universal Source" stands Patrick Kuhn, born in South-West-Germany in 1984. He lives in a small village south of Karlsruhe. Since he was a young child, he has been addicted to electronic dance music. First only as a consumer, then he got his first computer and turned into a producer. Experimenting with digital sounds he enlarged his knowledge and experience of making sounds and at last in actually making music. While loving nearly all different kinds of electronic dance music, his passion is trance. That is why "Universal Source" stands for pure and serious trance music.
    In the end of 2006, he got in contact with the american trance label Supero Recordings, which is a sub label of SoundTribeRekords. Patrick was contracted right away with his debut single "Remember". Supero Recordings announced to release possible follow-ups by "Universal Source", because of the high quality and sophisticated trance music he is devoted to.